2017 News

Monette is now in Sydney teaching at TAFTA and has also just completed a wonderful verbatim theatre piece called ‘Motherlode’ in an independent production directed by the amazing Dean Carey. Audiences and reviewers loved it and I was thrilled to receive special mentions.

Stage Whispers said “Most compelling was the performance of Monette Lee playing a woman of Eastern European background. She shed many tears reflecting on the joy and perilous danger of bringing someone into the world….”

Upstaged reviewer said: All of the actors give wonderful performances, delightfully distinct in their characterisations and contributing to a picture of motherhood in a different way.

And Alt Media reviewer said:  “…….Similarly memorable is Monette Lee in the role of a bubbly, spirited immigrant of Russian origin, ….. Both Lee and Kershaw use the outsider qualities of their parts to excellent effect, equally impressive with the exuberance they each bring to the stage.”

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