Monette has been a professional actress for nearly 40 years, appearing in hundreds of productions here and in the UK. She studied at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and worked in the UK before returning to Oz in 1994 and she has continued to work, study and teach her craft.

She also works as a producer and years 20 ago, created Purple Pear Productions to create new Australian theatre and film productions. In 2021 she was Festival Director on the inaugural Short + Sweet Film Festival Gold Coast.

Awards / Recognition

• Winner Best Actress at Diabolical Short Film Festival
for short film ‘The Veiled’

• Nominee at Best Indie Shorts for ‘The Veiled’ 2017
• Best Actress nomination – Short and Sweet Theatre Festivals
2009, 2013 and 2014

• Winner Best Actress Stella Award at the Palace Theatre, UK 1988
• Artist in Residence – The Arts Centre Gold Coast 2011

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On set as Fiona in This Little Love of Mine

“Most compelling was the performance of Monette Lee playing a woman of Eastern European background.”
RE: Motherlode  David Spicer – STAGE WHISPERS   2017

“Monette Lee sparkles as the social climbing boulder of a woman…”
RE: ‘Away’ (British Premiere) – VENUE MAGAZINE-UK

“Indeed the whole cast is strong, though particular mention should go to Monette Lee who embodied the works underlying tension.”
RE: ‘Living Quarters”(Premiere) – EPIGRAM NEWSPAPER, UK

“Monette’s acting:  Solid, confident, and obviously reflecting years of experience and study. A blessing.”

“Monette Lee is an actress of great ability and presence”
Andrew Hilton – Director – S.O.S. THEATRE, UK

“She has turned in excellent,
highly praised work wherever she has been.”

Chris Denys – PRINCIPAL: Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

“As Barnard, Monette Lee is charming and involving”
RE: ‘She of the Electrolux’ - Richard Waller – COURIER MAIL, BRISBANE

“Lee does lovely work, subtle and sensitive”
RE: She of the Electrolux @ La Boite - Paul Galloway – BRISBANE NEWS

“…the sexy Kim Novak wild one (Monette Lee)”
RE: ‘Good Works’, QTC – Veronica Kelly – THE AUSTRALIAN