2017 News

Monette is now in Sydney teaching at TAFTA and has also just completed a wonderful verbatim theatre piece called ‘Motherlode’ in an independent production directed by the amazing Dean Carey. Audiences and reviewers loved it and I was thrilled to receive special mentions.

Stage Whispers said “Most compelling was the performance of Monette Lee playing a woman of Eastern European background. She shed many tears reflecting on the joy and perilous danger of bringing someone into the world….”

Upstaged reviewer said: All of the actors give wonderful performances, delightfully distinct in their characterisations and contributing to a picture of motherhood in a different way.

And Alt Media reviewer said:  “…….Similarly memorable is Monette Lee in the role of a bubbly, spirited immigrant of Russian origin, ….. Both Lee and Kershaw use the outsider qualities of their parts to excellent effect, equally impressive with the exuberance they each bring to the stage.”

2016 News

Monette continues to teach acting at the New York Film Academy as well as with her own groups and private students. She has already been involved in several playreading projects this year including a rehearsed reading of a very funny script in development at the Gold Coast Arts centre called ‘The Turn of Winston Haggle’. She really enjoyed also working with Stephan Elliot on his latest feature film, ‘Flammable Children’, and is about to move to Sydney in early 2017 to seek more acting opportunities.

Monette had the pleasure of landing a small role in Hoges – a television series on Paul Hogans life due out next year, and appeared in the Short and Sweet theatre festival 2016 as a crazy Russian. The fun continues!

2015 News

Monette had a great year playing in a period Texan Western ‘Texas Rising’ for the USA with Hoodlum Productions which was filmed in the Qld desert near Winton. 2015 also saw Monette playing the lead in a medical series for QLD health as well as 4 very different roles in short films. She was involved in many script development projects and readings including ‘Angels in America’ and workshopping the latest play by John Romeril ‘Romancing the Atom’ which was a wonderful experience and we all hope that this and many of the other projects will go to full production in the near future.

2014 News

Purple Pear Productions and Monette Lee were delighted to bring the
WORLD PREMIERE of Shrinks to QLD in 2014, the brilliant new play by award-winning Australian playwright, Timothy Daly which performed in 3 cities over 2 weeks.

An engaging, warm, and witty comedy, Shrinks follows two psychotherapists, the husband and wife team of Drs Thomas Hapgood and Vivienne Anderson, as they each attempt to ‘cure’ a charismatic patient, Carl, only to both fall in love with him. With the pair stuck in a tired relationship rut, the unusual young man seduces them with charm and joy and the passion of the Bossa Nova, raising questions of freedom, love and self-analysis.

Directed by award-winning director, Michelle Miall (Gold & Silver Matilda award-winner, Oklahoma Miss Saigon at QCM, The Removalists QTC), and with design by Annie Robertson and lighting by Jason GlenwrightShrinks brought together the stellar cast of Danny Murphy (Motherland, The Taming of the Shrew – Black Swan / QTC – Hamlet),  Monette Lee (Mabo, Sea Patrol, All Saints, Good Works QTC and many more),  and conservatorium graduate: Jason Bentley.

Writer, Timothy Daly (Kafka Dances, Don’s Last Innings, Derrida in Love), is one of Australia’s top playwrights and one of the few regularly produced overseas. The recipient of the 2013 Keysing Award and the 2008 Patrick White Award, he has worked with Oscar-winning and nominated actors such as Geoffrey Rush and Jacki Weaver, and Kafka Dances (the most internationally produced Australian play) is known for launching the career of Oscar winner, Cate Blanchett.  Shrinks was originally written for Australian actress, Jacki Weaver, just prior to the first of her two Oscar nominations and has now been translated into French ready for production overseas in 2016. Producer, Monette Lee, says Queensland (and indeed Australia) is privileged to have beaten Europe to it.

OTHER 2014 news
Monette appeared in 2 short films:  Orobourous directed by Henry Boffin, and Listen directed by David Mace-kaff.

2013 News

Short and Sweet Theatre festival.
Monette performed in the Gold Coast season in a one woman play titled ‘Dear Diary’. She came second in peoples choice, landed an excellent review and picked up a best actress nomination.

She portrayed the brothel madam Kitty  in the short film Away 2013 directed by Herman Van Eyken.

Monette and PPP produced a rehearsed play reading of a new Australian play by Sheila Duncan: ‘Tabula Rasa’, at the Arts Centre GC on May the 2nd. This project was supported by the Arts Centre under their residency and development program, and is part of their first ever independent theatre season. This one off event starred Val Lehman, Steven Tandy, Monette Lee and Scott Brewer and was enthusiastically received.

100% of feedback forms said they wanted to see a full production and100% would recommend it to friends. Enjoyment of the play and production were mostly 10 out of 10 with some 8’s and 9’s. And 1 x 12!!